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9th Sep 2022
XYZ CNC CT-52R Lathe Delivered
GD Precision welcomed the delivery of the XYZ CNC CT-52R lathe, a pivotal addition to our machining arsenal. This state-of-the-art lathe enhances our CNC turning capabilities, allowing us to tackle a diverse range of projects… Continue reading
5th Aug 2022
Mastercam CAD / CAM Introduced
GD Precision proudly announce the integration of Mastercam CAD CAM, complete with 4th axis and 3D Surface machining capabilities. This advanced software empowers our CNC machinists to push the boundaries of precision even further, enabling… Continue reading
18th Jul 2021
Introduced Solidworks Professional
In July 2021, GD Precision elevated its design capabilities with the introduction of SolidWorks Professional. This significant addition has played a crucial role in enhancing our design process, allowing us to create precise and intricate… Continue reading
9th Apr 2021
New Dugard 1000e Machining Centre
GD Precision CNC are pleased to announce the delivery of a brand new Dugard Eagle 1000e Machining Centre with Detron 4TH AXIS and Chick Cube work-holding system Manufactured by Akira Seiki and Sold By Dugard… Continue reading